Wordpool Festival Family Day – Animal Antics

Photos by CJ Griffiths Photography
POSTED IN Wordpool School Offer, Children,
Stanley Park, West Park Drive, Blackpool, United Kingdom

We had intergalactic adventures galore at Wordpool Festival‘s Family Day on Saturday.

We performed our exciting new touring show Robot Aliens Stole My iPig.

Dr New and the Binaries travelled to Earth in our plucky S.O.S RescueShip. They were on the hunt for Dr New’s missing iPig, a supersonic story storage device. The iPig holds all the stories Dr New has collected and saved, so it was vital that it was found. Otherwise the stories would be lost FOREVER!

Luckily we had lots of amazing StorySavers on hand to help us find all the missing stories, so the day was saved, and Dr New learned a very important lesson about friendship.

Over in our space world we were joined by hundreds of fantastic, friendly space creatures created by local children in our Wordpool Workshops. Many of the creatures weren’t used to such bright sunshine, they loved the shade of the trees and had a wonderful time hanging out there and making lots of new friends.

Check out these amazing photographs by CJ Griffiths Photography they really capture how special this day was.