Our Stories are Lost – Chaucer Community Primary School & Larkholme Primary School

Consultation on the creation of our RescueShip
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Chaucer Community Primary School, Chaucer Road, Fleetwood, United Kingdom

“Imagine if, one night, all our stories were stolen, so that in the morning, when we woke up, we discovered they were all gone. Which stories would you miss the most?”

This is the question author Nick Walker asked children from Chaucer Primary School and Larkholme Primary School.

Nick and artist Andy Hazell visited the children to ask for their help in developing ideas about why we need to save stories, and how would we do it. The children also came up with some wonderful ideas about the design of the vehicle.

The children came up with some absolutely fantastic ideas and shared the books that they loved, favourites being David Walliams, Jacqueline Wilson and (of course) JK Rowling.

Nick was especially taken with Chaucer’s cosy Book Cave, a perfect place to curl up and escape into a book.